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About us

It is during the spring of 2012 that the Ranpollo project takes shape in Pavia from the idea of ​​two young friends both with the same passion for fashion and streetwear culture. The desire to think of a new Tshirt brand, the creation of a logo with an easy emotional impact and a philosophy outside the usual schemes pushed the two friends to adapt the famous tale of the princess and the frog to the contemporary exhibitionist world. , imagining a Frog who, kissed by a wonderful girl and transformed himself, renounces eternal love, preferring to escape, driving his sports car from his dear friend Gallo, keeper of the castle. The two uniting give life to Ranpollo: son, descendant of a rich and noble family? The idea sounds like this, but it's up to you to find out! This is how the story of the brand begins, which has an expressly double reading: ironic and light-hearted, but also fun and never takes itself too seriously. The Pavese brand decides to focus on the quality of the beautiful country by offering the buyer TShirts totally produced with pride in Italy, in 100% flamed cotton fabric, characterized by a waisted fit, which transmits a strong message of character and sensuality. The project is a constant work in progress, which continues with the same explosive energy of the beginnings. Walt Disney characters, timeless classics, Hollywood stars revisited in a modern and ironic key by the brand, are just some of the subjects that inspire the collection. Ranpollo signs his T-shirts with many looks for a chameleonic style, leaving no one with his mouth dry, not even the victims of fashion. Password: Fashion Poet a fascinating story in a modern key.